Erlang/OTP User Conference 2001

Conference Programme
Applications I
09.00The Best SSL Appliance in the World.
Claes Wikström, Johan Bevemyr and Tony Rogvall, Alteon WebSystems.
09.45Welcome SMS in Erlang - Experiences of Rapid Deployment in a GSM Network.
Sean Hinde, one2one.
10.10Improving Robustness in Distributed Systems.
Per Bergqvist, Synapse Systems AB.
Applications II
11.00The migration from Erlang to OTP: A Case Study of a Heavy Duty TCP/IP Client-server System written in Erlang.
Mickaël Rémond,, and Francesco Cesarini, Cesarini Consulting Ltd.
11.30An Erlang-based Hierarchical Distributed VoD System.
Miguel Barreiro, José L. Freire, Víctor M. Gulías, Javier Mosquera and Juan J. Sánchez, University of Coruña.
12.00Erlang in the Corelatus MTP2 Signalling Gateway.
Matthias Läng, Corelatus.
Technology I
14.00Tools for Designing Web Based Interfaces for Erlang/OTP.
Martin Gustafsson, OTP Unit, Ericsson.
14.203D Graphics with Erlang - The OpenGL Interface.
Jakob Cederlund, GNO Data.
14.40Development of a Verified Erlang Program for Resource Locking.
Thomas Arts and Clara Benac Earle, CSLab, Ericsson.
15.00Erlang Specification Method - A Tool for the Graphical Specification of Distributed Systems.
Frank Huch, Christian-Albrechts-Universität.
Technology II
16.00HiPE Version 1.0.
Kostis Sagonas, Uppsala University.
16.30Cross-Module Optimization of Erlang.
Thomas Lindgren.
16.50The EC Erlang Compiler.
Maurice Castro, Software Engineering Research Centre.
17.15Preview of the Erlang/OTP R8 Release.
Kenneth Lundin, OTP Unit, Ericsson.
17.30Close (and pub evening)
Demonstrations during intermissions
 A Tool for Extracting the Processes Structure of Erlang Applications.
Jan Nyström, Uppsala University.
 3D Graphics with Erlang.
Dan Gudmundsson and Björn Gustavsson, OTP Unit, Ericsson.