Erlang/OTP User Conference 2003

Conference Programme
08.30 Registration.
Applications I
09.00 Why we designed Erlang.
Mike Williams, Ericsson.
09.25 Yet Another Web Gui Framework.
Göran Bĺge and Johan Blom, Mobile Arts.
09.50 3D Video Game Development in Erlang.
Mickaël Rémond.
10.30 Coffee.
Applications II
11.00 How we utilized Erlang to Develop a Banking System and Financial Transaction Switches.
Daniel Schutte, Teba Bank.
11.30 CyberAthletics - Open Source and the Age of Wireless.
Ulf Wiger, Ericsson.
12.00 Talking LDAP and Radius from Erlang.
Torbjörn Törnkvist, Nortel.
12.30 Lunch.
Technology I
14.00 Getting Erlang to Talk to C and C++ (or from ei to UBF).
Hal Snyder, Vail, and Leon Smith, Case Western Reserve University.
14.30 Erlang/QuickCheck.
Thomas Arts, IT-university, and John Hughes, Chalmers.
15.00 Performance Analysis using Model Checking.
Thomas Arts, IT-university, and Juan José Sánchez Penas, University of Corunha.
15.30 Coffee.
Technology II
16.00 All you wanted to know about HiPE (and might have been afraid to ask).
K. Sagonas, M. Pettersson, R. Carlsson, P. Gustafsson and T. Lindahl, Uppsala University.
16.30 Profile-driven Inlining for Erlang.
Thomas Lindgren.
17.00 What's new in R9C.
Kenneth Lundin, Ericsson.
17.30 Close (and pub evening).
Demonstrations (during intermissions)
Mickaël Rémond demonstrates the 3D Video Game.
Torbjörn Törnkvist demonstrates the Ticket Tracker.